Who am I?

I'm the product of the digital era. I grew up with a desktop which was shared between the entire family. In those days I was the only one who showed any interest in computers, so I was free to play as many video games as I liked - most notably Habbo, Toontown, Runescape, and World of Warcraft. Like many people my age, this interest in computers naturally gave way to programming. I started programming when I was around 13 years old, making very little progress along the way but I remained persistent. I decided early on that my career would resolve around software, desiring a job which I percieved to have little social interaction and would pay well. Ultimately I reached my goals, now working with embedded devices and c++. If only I still had a passion for programming.

I don't define myself by my career - I only mention it because sadly it represents a signifigant amount of my current and future life. In fact, I don't attribute any lables to myself - not because I'm against them, but because they don't represent anything tangible about myself. At best I'm a contrarion. I go against the status-quo, not because I'm holier than thou, but because at my core I'm unhappy about the way of the world. I simply can't reconcile living the normal life when I look at the conditions of modern life. Yes our lives have become easier, safer, and filled with more stuff, but our society is degrading. Our lives are at odds with our biological selves. We cannot sustain the path we are on.

Why make a website? These are just my ramblings, whether they are those of a mad man are for you to decide. I think about things a lot, to a detriment really, but it's just apart of who I am. I take some solace is knowing that perhaps a fewpeople out there think the way I do, or perhaps find some of the things I have to say of interest. I like to be wrong about things and to have my world views challenged, so I welcome any discussion. I truly don't know anything and I rarely back up anything I have to say with any evidence. I like to think that most things are self-evident, but it's likely self-evident that they aren't. I'm a contradiction. I have no answers, only more questions. So why make a website? In truth I was inspired by Ran Prieur whose website I discovered at the same time in which I abandoned reddit. I like the way he thinks, and apparently the way his site looked since I somewhat copied it. I think the world needs more people like him.